People of Bitcoin: The Conscious Resistor

people of bitcoin derrick broze

Derrick Broze is on a one-man mission to educate citizens how to opt out of the systems he believes hold us all captive. He’s currently in the midst of a cross-country road trip designed to bring his message of decentralization to the people; he’s a journalist, and a bit of a self-described auto-didact.

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Best Football Stadiums to Visit Around the U.S. this Fall

football stadiums

Are you ready for some football? For millions of fans around the country the answer to this annual question is a resounding deafening heck yeah! If you’re a super fan, you might even travel with your team. To sweeten the deal, CheapAir is offering a “fan guarantee” this year as a little bit of a consolation prize if you do decide to travel and your team should come up short.

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