Air Travel Tips for Families with Developmentally Disabled Kids

child on plane

Flying is a stressful event for lots of travelers. But air travel can be especially hard on kids with special needs and their parents – even just navigating the unfamiliarity of the airport can include unique challenges for families. In recent years, there’s been a greater awareness of special needs kids as well as airlines and airports stepping up to meet these needs with compassionate solutions.

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What U.S. City Matches Your Travel Personality

las vegas, nevada

Every traveler has a dominant travel style that comes in to play when making the decision where to go. Some of us like to travel alone, some like to take it back to basics, others have the go-big-or-go home mentality. We’re kicking off a new series, designed to give you choices based on whatever your personal travel style. Up first – U.S. cities!

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