Frontier Airlines has just announced that it will begin charging fees for services like carry-ons, checked bags, and reserved seats. The new bag fees will affect all tickets and travel purchased after April 28, 2014. Frontier Airlines
The way you reserve and pay for your ticket can increase the amount of fees you pay, with customers who book online and prepay for certain services (like carry-ons and checked bags) receiving a lower rate.

New fees include a charge of $20 to $50 to carry on a bag (costs vary depending on where and when you purchase), and $3 to $15 to preselect a seat.

A few notable fees for economy ticket fliers:

• $15 to $25 for the first checked bag
• $25 to $50 for the first carry-on bag (after your one free personal item)
• $50 to gate-check a bag deemed too large to carry on
• $3 to $8 to preselect a seat (the alternative is getting a seat assigned at Frontier’s discretion)

Keep up to date with baggage policies and fees here.

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