5 Good Reasons to Avoid Hidden City Airfares

5 Good Reasons to Avoid Hidden Ticket Airfares

For years now, a rather industrious strain of traveler has been gaming the airfare biz and circumventing higher fares online in a particular way. Need to purchase a ticket to San Francisco, but the fare to Seattle with a connection though SF gets you a better deal? Just hop off the plane in San Fran and be on your merry way. This is a ‘hidden city airfare’.

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How to Fly Like a Fashionista in 7 Easy Steps

How to fly like a fashionista in 7 easy steps

We’ve all witnessed her. The effortlessly chic and put-together woman in the airport wearing what can only be described as an ensemble including hair and makeup, jetting off to her next glamorous destination (or so her demeanor would suggest), while the rest of us artlessly sprawl at the gate in our flip flops, ponytails and leggings.

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