Which airlines offer great Economy Class service?

Relaxing, airplane passenger

The Business and First Class travelers have long experienced some pretty swank services on-board, while Economy passengers have had the more (ahem) scaled-back experience that their budget would seem to dictate. But if you’re on a tight budget, don’t despair! There are a few commercial airlines blazing a trail by offering perks not normally seen in Economy.

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Which airline is right for me?

airline love

These days, dating sites and apps are everywhere – each promising to hook you up with your perfect match based on your personality, preferences and style. Wouldn’t it be convenient and easy if you could find your dream airline based on your personality? Well, we actually think you can!

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Can I travel to Cuba?

Can I fly to Cuba?

Back in January there were some changes to the government rules on travel to Cuba and since that time we’ve had a lot of people ask: is it legal for me to fly to Cuba?

While not everyone can go to Cuba, there are now twelve reasons provided by the government that do give you the right to travel there. If you fit into one of these twelve categories, you don’t need a license anymore!

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