Best Airlines for Tall People

Tall folks who are frequent flyers know not to buy the “basic” airfare most domestic airlines now sell.

tall person in small airline seat

This fare comes with no changes, no seating assignment, and the seat you will be assigned is almost certainly going to be in a row without much legroom at all.

What’s a tall person on a budget to do? Luckily, there are standouts for legroom, and we’re drilling down into the best air carriers if you stand head and shoulders above your fellow travelers.

Interjet Offers the Most Legroom

By far the airline with the most legroom is a carrier you might not be familiar with. Interjet, a low-cost Mexico-based air carrier, operates Airbus A320s and A321s – larger airplanes that offer more room across all classes of service. Interjet also touts the fact it leaves 30 seats open on each flight just to give folks a little extra room.

About the only drawback to Interjet is that it doesn’t offer widespread service, mainly connecting select U.S. and cities with destinations across Mexico and a few others in Central and South America.

The Best of the Rest

If you’re not traveling south of the border and planning to fly Interjet, we’ve got you covered as well. There are a few of the U.S.-based carriers that offer a bit of extra space for the tallest travelers.


At one time, Jetblue was the clear leader for tall folks, as most of its fleet had 34” or more pitch. In recent years, Jetblue joined most other airlines in adding seats/maximizing seats to sell, which cut down on the widespread availability of the “good” seats.

However, Jetblue sells a class of service called “Even More Space” that does offer pitch between 37-39,” which still puts it at the roomiest end of what’s available outside of business and first class seats.


No seats on Alaska’s aircraft have a pitch of less than 31”.


Southwest offers 31” pitch on its 737-700 aircraft and 32-33” on the newer 737s.

Airlines Not Suited for the Tallest

We won’t dwell too much on the airlines that don’t have a lot of love for our tallest flyers. It’s probably no surprise to you that deeply discounted airlines like Spirit and Frontier have the least legroom for the talls. On the other hand, if you travel light you can’t beat the prices. Just know that if you fly on either Spirit or Frontier they only offer 28” pitch.

tall man in airport

International Airlines to Love if You’re Tall

The thing is that on international routes it’s a bit of a crapshoot. International air carriers tend to fall in the 31-32” seat pitch for long haul flights. Some airlines do you a bit better at 33” – but only on “select” aircraft configurations, which can make it hard to book with reliability.

The airlines you have the best shot of scoring a 33” pitch are:

Air France
Air India

Most of the rest all fall somewhere between 31-32”.

Avoid These International Airlines if You Need the Extra Space

The less attractive airlines (offering 30” pitch for long-haul flights) are:

Royal Air Maroc

Keep in mind you can purchase extra space if you’re willing to upgrade to a premium ticket. But we wanted to share which airlines offer the best value for a tall person needing an Economy ticket.

Remember, our flight search results offer detailed information on every flight, so you can see exactly what you pay for with each ticket. Happy travels!

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