Some of you may know that today, August 23, is National Cheap Flight Day – the day of the year when customers get the lowest priced airline tickets (0r that’s what they say, anyway)!

Is National Cheap Flight Day really the best day to buy airfare?

While it’s true August 23 is a great day to buy, most of late August and September offer good value. Our data shows that January 7th was the lowest-priced day to buy airline tickets in 2022. It’s next to impossible to choose a “Best Day to Buy” year over year – it’s a moving target. But there are definitely best practices for buying your flights.

Our When to Buy Airfare study offers tips so you get the best flight price

Check out the Annual When to Buy Study for the nitty gritty. You can learn how to shop for airline tickets so you get the best possible price every time. After all, it shouldn’t take a special National Cheap Flight Day to offer customers a good price. 

Protect the price you pay for airline tickets with Price Drop Payback

Ultimately, we want you to feel confident about buying the cheapest airfare you possibly can. We take advantage of today’s excitement to remind you that when you book with your airline tickets are protected with our Price Drop Payback program.

Fly Now, Pay Later for airline tickets (and hotels)!

We also offer monthly payments for customers. It’s great for travelers who prefer to spread out this big ticket item over the course of a few months. We call that our “Fly Now, Pay Later” program. You can prequalify and you don’t even have to have a credit card!

Happy National Cheap Flight Day!

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