Prices for international flights are up all across the U.S. in 2023, according to flight data from 

The study looked at 128 million recent airfares departing from cities across the United States – and show which metropolitan areas are paying the most to take international flights, and which international regions are seeing the biggest airfare changes. 

How much more will you pay for an international airline ticket in 2023?

Our data shows that the average lowest international airfare is up 18% (about $168 on average per round trip ticket) from a year ago, and no city in the U.S. with international routes was spared from an increase. Airfares from U.S. cities to international destinations are up anywhere from 13% to 23% depending on where you live.

international airfare increases in 2023

Which cities saw the biggest increase in international flight prices?

The 5 largest increases in international flight prices were in Philadelphia (23.5% increase), Miami, (23.4% increase), Tampa (22.2% increase), Charlotte (22.1% increase), and Fort Lauderdale (21.5% increase). 

Here are the cities with the 10 biggest increases in international airfare: 

cities with the greatest increase in international airfare this year

Which cities have the smallest increase in international flight prices this year?

Every domestic city has seen its international airfare prices increase substantially in 2023. Demand for international travel remains strong, even as prices and availability are limited to some destinations.

However, depending on where you live the increases might not be as painful. These cities are seeing the smallest increase in international airfare in 2023:

cities with the smallest increase in international airfare this year

Which international destinations saw the biggest and smallest increases in airfare?

If we break down international airfare further by region, flight costs to almost all of the destinations are up. The one exception is the South Pacific/Oceania – with destinations like Australia and New Zealand down in cost a negligible 3% on average. 

Mexico is a very popular international destination for Americans, and relatively speaking, offers a little bit better airfares than other international spots this year. While airfare is up to Mexico, it’s only up by 14.8% – a better deal than a lot of other international destinations.

The region with the largest price increase for airline tickets right now is Europe, which is showing flight costs up 23.0% over last year. You can expect to spend close to $200 more on average than a similar ticket to Europe would have cost you a year ago. To save money flying to Europe, avoid the busy summer travel season

Here’s how the rest of the international regions changed for 2023:

Europe +23.0%

Canada +22.4%

Asia +21.9%

Middle East +20.8%

Central America +20.6%

South America +20.3%

Caribbean +17.9%

Africa +17.1%

Mexico +14.8%

What can you do to get cheap international flights?

The top 5 tips to keep your international flights affordable:

1. Start your search early and look at the best time to buy flights

The best way to get a good international airfare is to book early. This helps increase your odds of getting one of the lower fares.

2. Remember seasonality and events can affect international airfare prices

Destinations in the northern hemisphere are most popular in June, July and August, while good weather in the southern hemisphere is often in December, January and February. World sporting events like soccer and even local festivals can also impact flight costs to a destination. 

3. Book your flights in the Prime Booking Window to get better-priced airline tickets

CheapAir’s The Best Time to Buy International Flights offers a simple, easy-to-understand breakdown on when you should purchase those international flights this year. 

4. Consider managing upfront costs with monthly payments 

Monthly payments can help travelers defer up-front international travel costs and pay over time. International airline tickets can often be the most expensive portion of your budget. You can even pre-qualify to help with trip planning.

5. Protect your purchase with Price Drop Payback in case airfares change

Finally, also protects your airfare with our free Price Drop Payback program. We’ll give you back up to $100 a ticket, should your international airfare go down after you purchase. 

If an international trip isn’t in the cards for you this year, consider a domestic destination. We’ve also analyzed domestic airfares from over 70 U.S. cities. See where your hometown stacks up. And as always, happy travels!

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