There’s no guarantees when you’re looking for cheap flights in the summertime, especially if you need a cheap flight in July. July is especially expensive. Here are a few tried and true tips for getting more reasonably priced airline tickets in a month that doesn’t offer a lot of bargains. 

Plan to buy your tickets early for a cheap flight in July

Since July is the busiest and most expensive flight month of the summer, the first thing you can do to get an elusive lower fare? Shop early. With a limited number of seats on a plane, in order to get one of those with the best prices you have to be an early bird. 

If you don’t have to fly in July, you’ll find that traveling in late summer – August and September – will save you money, sometimes quite a bit. CheapAir’s Summer Flight Page is a great place to start your research because we break down the best days to fly on an easy-to-read, color-coded calendar. 

You should also take a look at the best time to buy flights, for your specific travel plans. 

Avoid the weekend for the best deals

In general, weekend flights are more expensive and mid-week flights (Tuesday and Thursday) will save you the most money all summer long. But especially in the busiest month of the summer, mid-week flights can save you hundreds of dollars!

Shave some cost off the airline ticket with smart choices

If you can swing it, flying carry-on only is your best bet. It’s the cheapest option, and your bags can’t go missing if they’re with you on the plane. When the base fare on your airline ticket is already expensive, save by avoiding checked baggage fees.

If you have to check baggage, make sure you pack smart so you only need one checked bag.   Every airline except for Alaska charges more for your second bag (a big incentive for thrifty folks). 

Sometimes you can save money if you pay at booking. Spirit and Frontier charge on a sliding scale – you’ll pay the most at the gate. 

Southwest is now the only domestic airline that doesn’t charge for bags (2 bags per paying customer and they have to weigh 50 pounds or less). 

Buy flights in the Prime Booking Window

What is the “prime booking window?” this is the best time to buy a flight – when you are likely to get better-priced airline tickets. There’s a window for domestic and International Flights. Check out our reports for easy-to-understand information to help you purchase your July flights. 

Monthly payments can help you manage upfront costs in an expensive travel month

Monthly payments help you defer up-front travel costs and pay over time. Airline tickets can often be the most expensive portion of your travel budget. You can even pre-qualify to help with trip planning.

Protect your purchase with Price Drop Payback also protects your airfare with our free Price Drop Payback program. We’ll give you back up to $100 a ticket, should your airfare go down after you purchase. 

For a full list of summer airfare trends and tips, check out our domestic Summer Flights page, as well as our Europe Summer Flights, Mexico Summer Flights and Hawaii Summer Flights pages.



  1. Looking for 7 adults Rnd trip Cheap tickets to Dublin, Ireland 2 July 2024, returning 11 July 2024. Car rental for 7 needed. Itinerary for South Ireland not yet completed.

    • Hi Jerome,

      We’d be happy to help you find flights. Where are you departing from? If you want to know when to book, you can check out our airfare data on when to buy flights to Dublin. Since you are looking for 7 adults, you might want to consider breaking up your flight search as that could help too. You can also email us at [email protected] and provide your departing city and these details so one of our travel advisors can check for you.

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