Fiji vs. Hawaii: A Comparison

hawaii surfing

As far as tropical islands go, it really doesn’t get much better than Fiji and Hawaii. These paradises are both full of beaches, crystal clear water, amazing traditional food, adrenaline-filled adventures, and surfing. Fiji and Hawaii are both so beautiful that they actually make it difficult for travelers to pick between them.

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Alternatives to a Cuba Vacation

little havana miami

If you’ve been considering a trip to Cuba, you might be disappointed to hear that it may soon be getting a lot harder for average Americans to make that trip. On April 17, the Trump administration spokesperson indicated that unless you have family in Cuba, it will soon be next to impossible for average Americans to make the trip.

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5 Ways to Beat Jetlag

hammock travel jetlag

Nothing’s worse than landing right in the middle of your dream vacation without the energy to enjoy it. Travel can be draining, and the exhaustion can negatively affect the first few days of your trip. Instead of losing precious vacation time, tackle your jetlag head on! Just follow CheapAir’s tips for beating jetlag and begin making the most out of your trip.

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