There are very few things that everyone can agree on. One of those things is that churros are delicious. For National Churro Day (June 6) we decided to check out the best cities in the world to partake in this fantastic pastry. Let’s break down the best places to eat the humble churro.

 Chocolateria San Gines, Madrid, Spain

Americans tend to think of churros as carnival food – relegated to funnel cake or deep fried oreos. But in Spain, people eat the churro for breakfast with their coffee. Many foo historians think that the churro may have originated in Spain – so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Madrid offers arguably the best churro the world over. There are many great churro spots in Madrid – but for the “best” you have only one option. For a classic churro served Spanish style (with chocolate), head to the oldest chocolatería in Spain – Chocolatería San Ginés

Hugo’s, Houston, Texas

Hugo’s in Houston serves up some of the best Mexican food this side of the Rio Grande. And their churro menu means business. The churros rellenos are stuffed with dulce de leche and Mexican hot chocolate, and are served with a side of Mexican hot chocolate. 

La Churreria, New York City

Chef Jesus “Lolo” Manso made sure that he stays true to his roots, and brings Spanish authenticity to his cafe. He imports all of his churro-making equipment from his native Spain, and the shop has a walk-up window as well as cafe seating as the Spaniards do. Of course, La Churreria has out-of-this-world pastries. You can order classic plain or stuffed versions, and there’s even a savory churro for folks who prefer their snacks that way. 

Granja Dulcinea, Barcelona

Another Spanish city with massive churro street cred is Barcelona. One of the best places to sample this city’s finest is Granja Dulcinea. This chocolatería has been around since 1941 and serves perfect churros with chocolate. Don’t take our word for it – their reviews run the gamut from “I had to go back every day I was in Barcelona” to “these are the best churros I’ve ever had – and I know churros.” 

Where can you get the best churros in the world?

Churros Don Abel, Los Angeles

Look. Churros are known the world over for being street food, And though you can get awesome churros all over the city, Churros Don Abel is keeping it real. Look for one of  7 bright red trucks to serve you planted at busy locations across the city. These churros are a cult favorite and Los Angelenos are willing to wait for the privilege. Just get in line! 

Lucero Bakery, Los Angeles (multiple locations)

Not only does Lucero Bakery serve up some of the best churros in town, they’re the best value. These treats cost just $1.25 each. This price point means that people buy these churros by the box – load ‘em up!

An honorable mention goes to Disneyland this year. In honor of National Churro Day, the Magic Kingdom is rolling out a limited edition line-up of fanciful churros to be sold all summer long. See the full list of churros here

Guilty, Lisbon

Portugal is another country with a claim to the churro origin story. Some say that Portuguese sailors are the rightful source of the pastry, having seen something similar in China – and brought the dough back to the European continent. Today you can get yummy churros across Portugal, and you can’t go wrong with the many food carts and street vendors selling them all over Lisbon. For a slightly elevated experience try Guilty. The popular restaurant has been getting raves for its churros for years. 

What about you? If you have your own favorite churro spot or memories please share your story in the comments.

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