The universe has such a sense of humor. Right before you’ve got a grand, pre-planned adventure on the horizon – heartbreak!  You have a dilemma with your now-ex-partner. Let’s dig into this depressing problem. While you’re trying to mend your little heart, you have the utterly practical challenge of managing a breakup when you’ve got looming nonrefundable travel plans. Here’s where breakup travel solutions comes in. 

Solutions for Travel After a Breakup

The Airline Shuffle – Otherwise known as “Never blend funds on a flight”

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. With very few exceptions, airlines do not allow you to transfer a ticket to another person. So if your impulse is to just give that other airline ticket to your bestie – that often doesn’t work. Here’s the work-around. You can ask a friend to accompany you and ask them to buy their airline ticket if you cover the accommodation costs. Or you could do something truly revolutionary – and commit to a solo trip! More on that later. 

The Hotel Tango

Next up, the hotel dilemma. You’ve got a King room booked, but only one traveler now. International hotels might not take kindly to you enjoying double the bed (and room) space alone. But fear not, for there’s a solution! In most cases, you can call ahead and convert that double to a single. Think of it as upgrading to the ‘Luxury Solo Suite’. You get the comfort of a double bed without the pesky heartache -and usually save some cash in the process. 

If you’re staying in a U.S. city – why not keep the room and luxuriate in the extra space. Or, if you’ve changed up the plan to a bestie trip instead, you can also ask for two doubles or two queens if you’d like some personal space. 

A few more thoughts on how to keep your trip while healing your heart

When it feels like your entire world is collapsing, remember that this world is actually a big place—and you’re about to explore a chunk of it. Here are a few other options to salvage your travel plans and your sanity:

The Bestie Takeover

Bring a friend to fill in those ex-shaped gaps in your itinerary. Who needs a romantic partner when you can have an epic adventure with a close friend? Swap those candlelit dinners for rooftop pizza parties, and long walks on the beach  for dance parties until the sun comes up.

Don’t Discount the Solo Jaunt option

Embrace the solo traveler within! Go on the trip alone and rediscover the joys of solo exploration. Use the experience to heal, grow, and discover a newfound love for yourself. Solo travel is a lot less lonely than you might think. People traveling alone are a curiosity all over the world. Don’t be surprised if strangers strike up conversations with you or invite you home for dinner with their family. 

Breakups might sting, but at least you’ll get a story for your next dinner party out of it. Embrace the awkward, the unexpected, and the downright bizarre, because life’s a journey, and sometimes, you end up with an extra airplane ticket and a single bed. We hope we helped you navigate the turbulent skies of a split with our tips for travel after a breakup. Happy travels!

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