People are a real mixed bag. Some of us like to talk to your seatmate on a plane, while others prefer to bury their nose in a book. Some people like a window seat, while others insist on the aisle. But you know what everyone is into on the plane? Snacks! The airlines know this.

Before we go any further, we should remind everyone that some of the pre-pandemic airline snacks you know and love may be gone for good. United offered an ice cream sundae to premium customers pre-March 2020 – and that’s not coming back. And sure – maybe free snacks are a tiny part of flying – some might even say inconsequential! But even more than ever – it’s the little things, right? Some airlines do pay attention to the details and serve some tasty bites in the skies. Allow us to show which airlines serve up superior nibbles in Economy.

United Airlines Gives You a Sweet or Savory Choice

If your flight leaves early (before 9:45am), you get a stroopwafel. What’s a stroopwafel, you might ask? The Stroopwafel is made of two thin waffle cookies bisected by a caramel filling. Pro tip: insiders say the stroopwafel is best when nestled atop your morning flight coffee. If you’re a flier with less of a sweet tooth (or leaving later in the morning), you can choose from a snack mix (either Asian or ranch flavored).

JetBlue Skips the Basket But Still Serves Up Solid Snacks

JetBlue used to pass around baskets for travelers to poke around in, and choose their own snack adventure. While the pandemic put an end to that practice, JetBlue still offers some of the best snack varieties for Economy fliers. On most flights you can choose from the following options, plus a wide selection of cold and hot beverages:

Cheez-It® Crackers
PopCorners® Popcorn Chips
88 Acres Seed Bar Thins
Goodie Girl Cookies™ Brown Sugar Crunchy Oat Flour

Delta’s Signature Biscoff Cookie (on flights over 250 miles)

People really rave about Delta’s Biscoff cookie – the shortbread snack with the Delta logo stamped right onto the cookie. People were even worried that Delta would pull the snack in 2020 – but luckily, no such plans came to pass. The only problem is your flight has to be at least 250 miles long for you to partake. For those of you less enamored with the iconic Biscoff – Delta offers goldfish crackers and Clif bars too.

American Airlines Offers a Biscoff too!

American Airlines started serving smaller Biscoff’s during the pandemic, attributing the size change to “supply chain issues,” and promises to bring the full size back really soon. In the meantime, you can ask for a second pack if the small size doesn’t float your boat. American is nothing if not accommodating in the cookie department (on flights longer than 4.5 hours only).

Hawaiian Airlines Dining is a Category Above

Hawaiian Airlines wouldn’t just be getting an honorable mention if it flew to other destinations in the U.S. other than the Hawaiian Islands. After all, this factor gives the airline an unfair advantage in the snack department. The length of Hawaiian Airlines flights may directly contribute to the superior snack, dining and beverages (complimentary alcoholic beverages for all passengers). However, the limited service area pulled it from serious contention. It cannot be denied though, that Hawaiian Airlines does offer the best onboard snacks and dining.

Southwest Airlines Offers Bare Minimum in Snacks, Still Beats Competition

These days, offering free drinks and a pack of pretzels or peanuts gets a mention on our list. There are a number of low-cost options with no free snacks at all. For this reason alone, we’ll take the ho hum pretzels and peanuts with a smile, Southwest!

Don’t forget, you can always BYOS on domestic flights (don’t BYOB – that’s a no-no, unless it’s unopened). Curious about which airlines are best for libations? We’ve got you covered in the adult drinks department too. Check out our post on inflight bevvies. Happy travels!

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  1. Caribbean Airlines needs to make the list above all of these. Even flights of about two hours have snacks, last week it was cookies, breakfast bar and crackers, with a wide choice of cold drinks or tea/coffee.

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