If you find yourself in need of wheelchair assistance at the airport, don’t worry! Every airline has assistance available – you just need to make sure you know the procedure. Here’s what you need to know – airline by airline.

How to request a wheelchair from Alaska Airlines

Wheelchairs and wheelchair escorts are available at every airport for customer use. Some airports have electric carts available for customer use.

Alaska does not offer curbside skycap service at most airport locations. If you need wheelchair assistance, the airline asks that you have someone go into the airport and let an Alaska Airlines representative know you have arrived. The airline suggests you arrive at the airport at least 2 hours prior to scheduled departure. Some airports may direct you to a meeting area where your escort will be called to provide assistance.

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How to request airport wheelchair services from Allegiant Air

In order to take advantage of wheelchair assistance, complete the Customer Request For Assistance Form. You can also contact the Allegiant Reservations Center at 1-702-505-8888 to request wheelchair assistance.

Requesting wheelchair assistance from American Airlines

Wheelchair service is available if you need it to and from your gate; between gates for connecting flights, and to baggage claim when you arrive at your destination. The airline recommends you request wheelchair assistance in advance.
You can also let a team member at the airport know on the day of travel that you need wheelchair assistance.

How to request a wheelchair from Delta Airlines

Delta also utilizes “wheelchair assistants” who will guide you through the terminal, security and to your gate. Once at the gate, these assistants will bring you near one of the gate agents for assistance in boarding. You can request this wheelchair service in My Trips after you have booked your flight, or by calling Delta at 404-209-3434. When you arrive at the airport, notify a Delta representative that you require wheelchair service to your departure gate.

Requesting wheelchair assistance from Frontier Airlines

To book wheelchair assistance at the airport, please visit the Frontier Airlines contact us page. Once you arrive to the airport, you can alert a skycap at curbside or a Frontier representative at the ticket counter, and a wheelchair will be provided for you.

How to request airport wheelchair services from Hawaiian Airlines

Please call the Hawaiian Airlines Reservations Department at 800-367-5320 for wheelchair assistance at the airport. Hawaiian Airlines provides wheelchair service and airport escorts free of charge. They recommend at least 48 hours advance notice. For more information visit the Hawaiian Airlines Guests with Disabilities page.

How to request wheelchair services from JetBlue Airways

JetBlue offers mobility/wheelchair assistance at all airports. Contact JetBlue to get the ball rolling. The airline can provide boarding and deplaning assistance at your departure and destination airports, and have your personal wheelchair available upon arrival at the gate or bag claim area—whichever you prefer. If you choose to have your wheelchair delivered at bag claim, JetBlue will provide wheelchair service to get you there. Need a wheelchair at the curb? Please have a companion alert a JetBlue crewmember or business partner that you’ve arrived and one will be brought out to you.

How to request airport wheelchair services from Southwest Airlines

Customers who require assistance must identify themselves as needing wheelchair assistance upon arrival to the airport, at any connection points, and upon arrival to their destination. Wheelchair assistance is available from airport to/from gates and between gates for connecting flights. You can also add a wheelchair request to any existing booking.

How to book wheelchair services at the airport with Spirit Airlines

For a budget airline, Spirit has a comprehensive menu of services available to wheelchair customers. Their website says that “identifying yourself at the airport is key to getting timely assistance.” You can add wheelchair assistance to your booking by texting or calling Spirit at 855-728-3555.

The airline suggests alerting the ticket counter agent upon your arrival, and they promise service within 20 minutes of any request. You are requested to arrive 2 hours in advance of any domestic flight and 3 hours in advance of international flights.

Booking wheelchair assistance at the airport with United Airlines

If you need a wheelchair during your journey, either onboard your flight or at the airport, and you’ve already purchased your ticket you can request one ahead of time in My Trips.  Then, pick up the wheelchair you’ve requested at the ticket counter or wheelchair assistance center in the lobby.

United offers manual wheelchairs available for use at all airports. These chairs are typically 18 inches wide.
It also has wheelchair assistance centers at certain airports. You can also ask any United agent at the ticket counter for assistance.


  1. My Mom is travelling from Cebu City, Philippines to Munich, Germany.
    Firstly, she needs to travel from Cebu City to Manila; Secondly, Manila to Dubai; Thirdly, Dubai to Munich.

    I need please a wheel chair and assistance for my mom upon her arrival in Manila.
    From Manila to Dubai airline, then an assistance to help her transfer from Dubai to Munich airline and upon her arrival in Munich, Germany.

    Please help my mom!

    • Hi Lovely, I couldn’t locate a booking with the information provided. If you booked with us can you please email [email protected] with your mom’s 10-digit booking number or the name of your mom so that we can locate her booking. We’d be happy to help with the wheelchair reservation, but only have access to bookings made on our site. Thank you

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