An open jaw ticket is a type of airfare that allows you to fly into one city and out of another, without having to return to your original starting point. Why might this be an attractive option for you?  

Especially if you’re on a budget and planning an extended trip, open jaw could be the way to go. When you have a number of cities and destinations on your itinerary, it’s certainly worth looking into open jaw airfares. For example, if you’re planning a trip to Europe, you might fly into Paris and then fly out of Rome, without having to make your way back to Paris for your return flight.

So why are open jaw airline tickets such a great option for summer travel? Here are a few reasons:

Open jaw airfares can be affordable than round-trip tickets

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing open jaw airline tickets is that they can be cheaper than round-trip tickets. With open jaw flights you don’t pay for the convenience of returning to your starting point, and airlines sometimes offer discounts for one-way flights. 

But even if the flight isn’t cheaper, when you’re traveling to multiple destinations, open jaw tickets can save you money on transportation costs, since you won’t have to pay for a return trip to your original starting point.

Open jaw airfares can save you time and hassle

Perhaps the best advantage of open jaw airline tickets is that they can save you time and logistic stress. Instead of having to backtrack to your starting point, you can fly out of a different airport, which can be a huge time-saver. This is especially helpful if you’re short on time or if you’re traveling with children or elderly family members who may have difficulty with long flights or extended travel.

It’s also great for backpackers. If you’re planning a trip to South America for two months starting in Ecuador, but plan to finish in Buenos Aires, how convenient would it be to just wrap up your trip and hop on a flight home out of Buenos Aires. No need to worry about getting back to Ecuador and paying for a flight or long train or bus ride to do so. At the end of a long trip, there’s a huge psychological benefit to just going home. 

Open jaw tickets allow for more travel planning flexibility

Open jaw airline tickets also allow for more flexibility in your travel plans. Instead of being locked into a specific return date or itinerary, you can choose when and where you want to fly. This can be helpful if you’re traveling to multiple destinations or if you’re unsure of your exact travel plans.

What is an “open jaw” airline ticket? Should you book one for your summer vacation?

They allow you to see more of the world

Perhaps the biggest advantage of open jaw airline tickets is that they allow you to see more of the world. By flying into one city and out of another, you can explore multiple destinations without having to backtrack or waste time on transportation. This is especially helpful if you’re planning a multi-country trip or if you want to see as much of a region as possible. 

Are there any downsides to open jaw tickets?

Of course, there are some downsides to open jaw airline tickets as well. For example, they can sometimes be more difficult to book than traditional round-trip tickets, and they may require more planning and coordination. Also, open jaw only works, if you have a plan to execute between your entry city and your departure city. While we think open jaw tickets are a clever way to see more of a region, you do have to plan to finish at or close to your departure city. 

If open jaw sounds attractive to you, keep in mind that disruptions to your travel plans could throw an open jaw ticket into the “inconvenient” pot if you’re not paying attention. If you break a leg while traveling and have to return home early, this could create some issues if you still have to get to another city to fly home, for example. 

However, we always recommend travel insurance for trips of a longer duration. If you have trip insurance, that can usually mitigate issues in this circumstance. is the best place to shop for open jaw airline tickets

Open jaw airline tickets are an excellent option for summer travel. Whether you’re looking to save money, time, or just explore more of the world, they offer flexibility and convenience that can’t be beat. You can book an open jaw ticket easily on Our flight search is simple, intuitive, and allows you to see all of the flight options in one simple screen. You can even compare flights across classes of service. We’d love for you to try our search. 

If you’re planning a longer itinerary in popular summer destinations like Europe, consider an open jaw ticket.  You may just be surprised at how much they can help you see and do on your journey. Please also reference our international flight report to see when to buy airline tickets, and consider monthly payments if airfare is a little too expensive for your taste. 

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