Today, Southwest introduced a new fare class – its second cheapest fare. Bargain shoppers who favor Southwest will find the new fare’s name sounds pretty familiar. Southwest’s bare bones fare category is “Wanna Get Away,” which is essentially Basic Economy – no frills and no perks. So what’s “Wanna Get Away Plus”, anyway?

Wanna Get Away Plus offers more flexibility for a fee

The Wanna Get Away fare doesn’t allow for much flexibility at all. Making any changes will cost you. The Wanna Get Away Plus fare allows you to make same-day changes to your ticket without paying a difference in fare.

What does this mean in practical terms? Well, should you decide to hang out a little longer in Vegas, or should you need to delay a business trip – with the Wanna Get Away Plus you can. If a flight you’d like to book is full, you can even fly standby on that day.

You can transfer a flight credit to a person of your choice with Wanna Get Away Plus

With the regular Wanna Get Away fare, you can cancel for a flight credit, but you (and you alone) are eligible to use that credit. The new Wanna Get Away Plus fare lets you pass along an unused flight credit for this fare to a spouse, child or anyone else who has a Raid Rewards account. Again, this offers flexibility not usually afforded with the most basic fare.

In addition, Wanna Get Away Plus fares will earn 8 Rapid Rewards points per dollar spent, compared with 6 points per dollar with Wanna Get Away fares. There will not be any changes to what’s included with Wanna Get Away tickets.

How long is the flight credit on a Wanna Get Away Plus ticket valid?

You can use a flight credit on the Wanna Get Away Plus fare for 12 months from the date of booking.

When can I book the Wanna Get Away Plus fare?

Southwest says the new airfare class will be available to book towards the end of the second quarter.

Is Wanna Get Away Plus worth it?

It’s too soon to tell, really. Southwest has long hoped to entice business travelers – something it has had mixed success doing. They may be banking that this new kind of flexibility will bring in more business travel – since these kinds of flyers tend to make last minute decisions and require a modicum of flexibility.

For leisure travel the jury is still out. We recommend doing your research and an apples to apples comparison between Southwest and other airlines. Since we don’t know what the difference in fares from Wanna Get Away to Wanna Get Away Plus is just yet, we have to reserve our opinion.

Our recommendations for shopping Wanna Get Away Plus

Proceed with caution and do your homework. Anytime you’re shopping, make sure you understand what is and isn’t included with each ticket you’re considering. The flight search will show you apples to apples comparisons of many flights. We offer complete transparency in what is and is not included on every ticket we sell. If you know you’re the kind of traveler who often makes same day changes or has lost a flight credit in the past – Wanna Get Away Plus could be for you!

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